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Otome / Interactive Fiction / Visual Novel


Set in regular modern-day life, you are the leader of a raiding guild in the world's hottest MMORPG, Emberfate, which has just released the new expansion, Tempest of Elements. Balance the intricacies of being a guild leader, ranging from preparing for boss battles or distributing loot, to managing the complex relationships you have with your fellow players. Engage in conversations with your guildmates, listen to their troubles — and maybe pursue one of the three possible love interests to build a romantic relationship of your own!

Take charge of your own fate, and shape the future of those around you. In Emberfate, everyone is dealing with something, and your choices and support could make all the difference.


Originally conceptualized for Amare Game Jam 2022, the demo containing Days 1 and 2 of content was completed within the span of a month for the jam and released on May 1, 2022. The remaining Days of content were released in monthly episodes until the eventual full public release in Jan 2023.


  • Be who you want to be in the world of Emberfate! Choose your player character's name, pronouns, background, in-game race / class, guild name, and more! 
  • Communicate with your party and guildies — all lines spoken by the characters over the raid voice chat are fully voiced to ensure the full raider experience of hearing your friends scream in your ear in either excitement or panic.
  • Create lasting bonds with your guildmates and fellow raiders! Chat with them in various text channels — realm, guild, officer, party chat — and occasionally send or receive private messages from them!
  • Pursue three love interests waiting for that special someone (you) to come into their lives! Grow closer to them over text chats, voice calls — and even video calls! 
  • Explore and manage life as an Emberfate player with the fully functional guild, mail and inventory system!





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About Wind Chimes Games Limited

Wind Chimes Games is an indie game development studio based in Hong Kong. It was founded in 2019 by Windchimes, a small writer with a not-so-small dream. She is also currently the only core member of the studio, and she wears many hats for the studio’s projects while hiring talented freelancers for the other areas of work.

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