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Romance games to fall in love with

Reanimation Scheme

An otome game and romance visual novel about necromancy, love, life and death.

Step into the shoes of the necromancer, Raenelle. Meet a colorful cast of characters, fail to summon the spirits of the dead, unravel mysteries, and maybe — just maybe — fall in love.

Emberfate: Tempest of Elements

An immersive MMORPG and chatroom simulator romance visual novel.

Take charge of your own fate, and shape the future of those around you. In Emberfate, everyone is dealing with something, and your choices and support could make all the difference.

TBA – Coming Soon

The next project in line to be worked on after our two current projects are completed.

More information will be released soon, so please stay tuned for future details!



Wind Chimes Games is an indie game development studio based in Hong Kong.

It was founded in 2019 by Windchimes, a small writer with a not-so-small dream.
She is also currently the only core member of the studio, and she wears many hats for the studio’s projects while hiring talented freelancers for the other areas of work.


Director, Writer, Programmer

A sleep-deprived masochist, Windchimes has been creating visual novels since 2016. She also works as freelance writer occasionally and has helped bring many projects to life, such as Royal Alchemist, Red String of Fate and A More Beautiful World.