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Emberfate – Content Warnings

This game includes content or themes that may be unsuitable for or upsetting to some players, such as profanity, mental illness, cyber-harassment, blood, violence, death, chronic illness, gambling addiction, alcohol consumption and suggestive content. Player discretion is advised.

Warning: This page contains lots of spoilers, so proceed at your own caution!

(Last Updated: October 2022)
Detailed Breakdown

  • Profanity
    • Some “shit”s, a few instances of “ass”, a whole lot of “damn” and “hell”
  • Mental illness
    • Depression (implied) for Nathan
    • Can be chosen by the player as something MC suffers / suffered from as well
  • Cyber-harassment
    • Implied for Chris
  • Alcohol consumption
    • Mentioned multiple times in relation to one side character, SSRHusband
    • Mentioned in relation to Chris in their route
  • Alcoholism
    • Mentioned in relation to one side character, MforMuse
  • Violence & death
    • In-game violence for raids and dungeons
  • Divorce
    • Mentioned in relation to two side characters, SSRHusband and Alibi
    • Mentioned in relation to Nathan’s backstory of his parents
  • Death & Grief
    • Mentioned in relation to Chris’ backstory
  • Gambling addiction
    • Mentioned in relation to the plot in Chris’ route